The Abdulla Al Humaidi Group (KEH) is a Kuwait-based company that was founded in 1979. It has grown to be one of the largest family-owned conglomerates in the Gulf region, with over 50 companies operating under its umbrella. KEH’s overarching goal is to create sustainable growth for all stakeholders by creating value through innovation and diversification. To find out more about Abdulla Al Humaidi and this organization, please read on! 


Successful investor Abdulla Al Humaidi initially founded Kuwaiti European Holding, the current CEO of KEH. Abdulla began his career as an engineer in 1973 at Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), where he held several positions over fourteen years. This, before leaving to start Abdulla Trading & Contracting Co., which specialized in oilfield construction and development. In 1979 this company merged with two other companies run by members of Abdulla’s family to form what is now known as The Abdulla Al Humaidi Group. Since then, the group has expanded its business portfolio into different industries:


Automotive distribution and services.

Financial and investment services.

Real estate.

Marine transportation and logistics.

Food & beverages.

Consumer goods & retail.


This diversification is the key to Abdulla Al Humaidi’s success, as he believed that “the management team of any company must have an awareness about all business sectors.”

The Abdulla Al Humaidi Group has also been committed to sustainable growth for over 30 years by developing environmentally-friendly practices and policies throughout its subsidiaries. These include water conservation initiatives; climate change adaptation planning; solid waste management plans; recycling programs; environmental education campaigns, among their employees’ children at KEH schools in Kuwait and Bahrain. Abdulla Al Humaidi strives to promote eco-tourism within communities where they operate through supporting local events such as bird watching tours or nature walks, etc.