The Lazarus family is well-known for the great successes they have created with different venues.

Specifically, they have been able to carve out a name for themselves within the hospitality realm.

Operating under Eastern Hotels Group, the Andrew Lazarus family has garnered a respectable portfolio.

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Over the course of thirty years, they have maintained the success of places such as The Eastern in Bondi Junction, Shoal Bay Country Club, Warwick Farm, and The Exchange Hotel.

Some may even know of their other properties like Hamilton, The Vauxhall Inn, and the El Toro Hotel & Motor Inn.

Famous hotelier Andrew Lazarus has been eyeing a specific property for some time and has finally taken the plunge and purchased it.

Though it is unknown how much he specifically put down to obtain the long admired property, a beachfront hotel lovingly called ‘The Beaches’ by locals, but officially titled Merewether, is expected to be worth around twenty million dollars.

On 99 Frederick St, facing Merewether beach and just near the heart of Newcastle, is the beach hotel designed architecturally in Art Deco style.

For thirty years now, the Merewether beach pub has been a hit with the families in the area.

The location of the business being so convenient and scenic is why the Lazarus family, namely Andrew Lazarus, have had such a hankering for taking the property over.

Peter Lazarus, the longtime director of the Eastern Hotels Group, is not shy about reinventing an established business.

After being the main facilitator of Shoal Bay Country Club’s multi-million dollar renovation which exceeded six million dollars, Peter Lazarus will be the one to take over Merewether’s daily running.

Though the Eastern Hotels Group is considering renovation for Merewether, Lazarus is interested in learning more about the local culture before making any final decisions.

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