Chris Brummer is recognized as a professor of law. He parlays his prowess at Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law. Before venturing forth to work with Georgetown’s faculty amid 2009, he leveraged his capacity at Vanderbilt Law School as an assistant professor. Moreover, Professor Chris Brummer has parlayed his expertise as a visiting professor in various top universities such as the London School of Economics. Throughout his professional career, he has spearheaded significant initiatives regarding financial regulation. Dr. Chris Brummer also flaunts serving as a member of several committees, including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Subcommittee. His tenure at the National Adjudicatory Council of FINRA saw him leverage his in-depth knowledge to drive a significant contribution to enhancing investor protection.

Professor Chris Brummer attended Columbia Law School to graduate with honors and garner his J.D. Additionally, he flaunts pursuing his studies at the University of Chicago to garner his Ph.D. in Germanic Studies. Prior to becoming a professor, he leveraged his newly forged law skills in the London and New York offices of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP. In 20111, Dr. Chris Brummer ventured forth to pursue his career in the Washington Offices of the Milken Institute. Furthermore, Chris Brummer is an editor and author of various books such as Fintech Law in Cryptoassets and Nutshell. He has also contributed and co-authored a myriad of financial analyses, reports, and financial publications throughout his career tenure.

Chris Brummer started Fintech Week to merge leaders from various relevant fields. Fintech Week brings forth a thoughtful platform to forge connections between philanthropists, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. Equally, it provides a platform to foster honest, action-oriented, and meaningful policy dialogue. Professor Chris Brummer’s typical day entails responding to queries and emails arising from market regulators and participants. He is fascinated with engaging various industries and nonprofits alike on their countless real-world priorities. Of course, Chris Brummer believes in the power of hard work to drive ideas to life.