In the past few months, the democratic state, the unity of the Haitian people has been put to task with escalated cases of demonstrations, some of which end up in violence. However, as chaos continues to soar, there is one person who seems to understand the perfect antidote for the people of Haiti. Georgette Mulheir, the director, founder, and ultimately the spokesperson on behalf of Defend Haiti’s Democracy (DHD) spoke to one media house on what needs to be done to bring the possible end of the political tension now embalming the Central American state.


First, human rights defendant Georgette Mulheir started the interview by reminding the journalist interviewing her that Haiti country, as many people may beware, has had a dark past. “Our country was caught up in the middle of a nasty 2010 earthquake, which you well know killed over 200,000 civilians and its not over yet (Twitter). 


As a country, we have not recovered from that devastating loss. Affected families are crying for the loss of their loved ones. In fact, in some cases, the earthquake cleared the whole family,” Georgette Mulheir said. The global leader and activist continues to update her interviewer that the international community, the private sector, and other well-wishers gave all they could in support of the affected Haitians. However, the DHD Director Georgette Mulheir regrets that corruption and ill will encroached the program thus millions of dollars of relief vanished into a few individuals’ pockets.


She even mentions that the worst humanitarian crisis occurred when the Oxfam scandal was revealed. In part, Georgette Mulheir says, “Investigations showed substantive evidence that the charity foundation actually covered some proven cases of some of its top officials raping women during their operations in the country. That is inexcusable!” On her part, Georgette Mulheir has been in the forefront in the fight against corruption, lack of accountability on the part of political officials, public figures, and the waste and mismanagement of public resources. Perhaps, it is her fight for the rights of women and children that has put her in constant fight with the authorities in Haiti. During her whereabouts, she even discovered a rare activity, the issue of child trafficking. According to Georgette Mulheir the syndicate has been going on possibly since 2010.