Edgard Corona is the CEO of Smartfit and commander of Bio Ritmo & Smartfit Group. In 2017, the latter company had earned more than R$1 billion, with 480 gyms. When he founded Bio Ritmo in 1996, it was a single unit in Sao Paulo. During this time, he had little knowledge about the industry. He was the CEO at Corona family’s sugar mills, in charge of the chemical laboratory since he was trained as a chemical engineer. However, with excellent entrepreneurial skills, he managed to make the company a success and create more units within the country and neighboring countries.

Currently, the gym chain operates in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Dominica Republic, and Ecuador. Consolidating the Latin American market, the fitness company has gained more than 1.6 million students.

Through Smartfit, Edgard Corona has transformed the exercise and fitness industry. The transformations it has brought in the industry have made even the competitors incorporate such changes. One of the significant changes it has introduced in the fitness industry is the adoption of technology. At 61 years, he is Endeavor’s ambassador, the 4th most giant global fitness conglomerate.

Talking about his success at Smartfit, Edgard Corona states that entrepreneurship is the leading cause of success. He goes on to state that he had the skill even as a college student. Therefore, while in college, he created a material analysis laboratory with two stores. Therefore, before he went on to manage his family business, he sold the two stores.

At the Sao Paulo-based sugar mill, he introduced his entrepreneurial skills and made it a success. As a part-time hustle, he joined a gym as a partner. It was such a success that Edgard Corona saw it as a good investment opportunity. As such, the gym became the first Bio Ritmo academy. In the following years, he aimed at expanding the academy, creating others in other states and nations.

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