Getting that prestigious global ward is the dream of every organization. Being vetted as a leading innovative company globally requires skill, determination and hard work. The International Business Awards are the leading and recognized business award programs globally. They are responsible for vetting and determining which organizations emerge the best after precise analysis and considerations. In the year 2021, the International Business Awards received over 3600 nominations from organizations across the world. The award process was very competitive, and technology and innovation were crucial in determining the winners.

Online Trading Company was a significant player in developing a product called Clik that provided an integrated platform for trading, analysis and educating the end-user on forex trade. The platform is designed to educate the users on how to conduct trading processes and warn them of any potential harmful habits in trading. Over 260 judges from all business community sectors took part in choosing the winners, and many gave positive comments about Online Trading Academy. Such comments from judges were that the OTA offers good financial education for people involved in trading and investment. Clik as a product gives online traders the opportunities to learn good online trading skills and help them understand their markets well.

OTA is a leading financial education platform that helps businesses and people to build brands and start successful startups. The company does this by investing resources in developing strategies that will equip investors in making the right decision towards the short-term or long-term financial investment projections. As such, over 85000 students who pass through the OTA programs have become world leaders in financial and investment fields.

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