While many things have taken place since Larry Baer, SF Giants CEO joined the team, there are those that haven’t changed and do not seem to change soon. According to Larry Baer, while some team members who include players come and go, some members on the technical bench, and even those at the high seats, San Francisco Giants will never change the way it does its things.

For many years, San Francisco Giants has been known to be in the forefront in maintaining peace even when it is not on the top. Besides, every time the team meets a free agent, there is one man that doesn’t miss on the table, that is SF Giants CEO Larry Baer.

Even when the team is facing hard decisions such as when it is looking for new signings the likes of Bryce Harper or even Zack Greinke, the SF Giants CEO has always been present. Some of the top members that have also been featured prominently during important occasions include Bobby Evans, Brian Sabean, Bruce Bochy, and Farhan Zaidi who by the way is the latest to join the SF Giants CEO Larry Baer in the top management of the team. The latter two played a key role when they recently joined Larry Baer on a trip to Las Vegas.

For the several years Larry Baer, SF Giants CEO has seen mega deals being signed in front of him. Therefore, the Giants CEO is not new to witnessing deals amounting to nine figures or even pocketing $200 million as basic salary. While his salary is not a major thing, Larry Baer said the team should prepare fully for the next season. In his view, the strength of the new team will largely depend on what he called ‘flexibility within the farm system’. Visit this page for related information.


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