David Schmidt featured in a live video interview.

David is the founder and CEO of LIfeWave.

During this interview, he talked about the mechanism applied in manufacturing the LifeWave products.

David leads this health and welfare venture, and he grabbed this chance to address an audience made of several direct selling collaborators to notify them of the brand’s strategy based on the idea of innovation and research.

These agendas have created a foundation for accomplishing the objectives.

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The firm’s CMO. Jim Caldwell was the interviewer or host who set in motion the topic as well as David Schmidt, the event’s main speaker.

David then followed on the videocast explaining the accomplishment made his company since its inception 17 years ago.

David Schmidt is an inventor and he reminisced that not many individuals knew about what light therapy could do.

People’s perspectives on the field have grown in bounds and leaps with at least 5000 studies showcasing its benefits.

This videocast then grew to accommodate the guest of the show called Dr. Melinda Connor who is a professional neuroscientist and psychologist.

She explored this scientific field as early as the 1990s.

From that time, Dr. Connor has published 10 books famous for collaborating with the firm to traverse the science used in making the products.

Immediately after joining this call, David Schmidt asked her to say why she chose the field.

This is normally a concern David has when hiring people into his LifeWave team.

Dr. Melinda claimed that her love for science is familial because her parents were in medical-related careers.

She had also interacted with many people who had specialized in energy healing, therefore, they inspired her a lot to explore the same field.

David Schmidt claimed that many individuals hurriedly dismiss science, but it bears a lot of legitimacy in its efficacy.