Peter Vitale

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered a rise in unfortunate trends like vehicle theft. NICB claims that a 9.2% rise in cases of car theft was recorded in 2020, as compared to 2019. In the previous year or two, auto theft was on a downward trend. Peter Vitale, the NICB CEO and principal, a Michigan car insurance professional said that 2020 was the year with the highest figures of stolen cars in a decade or more. Peter Vitale insists that the number of catalytic converters stolen is on an upward trend during the pandemic. In 1975, a certain law was passed requiring new autos that run on gasoline to be installed with catalytic converters on the exhaust system to lower toxic emissions and noise.

However, this device underneath the vehicle is easily targeted by robbers. It is believed that an exposed thief can disconnect the catalytic converter in a few minutes. The robbers have ready markets in Michigan for these converters with scrap metal dealers to get some money for the valuable metals in it; palladium, Rhodium, and platinum. Peter Vitale of Michigan retaliates that no driver deserves to lose the catalytic converter because replacing it can cost up to $3000. Therefore, he provided some tips car owners can apply to safeguard the catalytic converters.

Peter also discussed what the drivers must do to claim coverage when the theft happens. The catalytic converter thieves come with a saw or a wrench. However, the exact tool used relies on whether the converter was bolted or welded. From there, the removal procedure might never even last for more than a minute. The robbers target SUVs and trucks because they are raised, therefore, have sufficient space enough to remove the catalytic converter. Wherever the parked cars are located matters because the robber’s comfort on the underside helps them to finalize the activity on time.