PosiGen specializes in solar power, and it is impacting heavily in the world. The target is to offer solar power and implement it for all people. PosiGen wants to lure people into solar energy by making it easy to import and affordable especially for middle-income people. PosiGen has a leasing program for solar, and so it focuses on all the families to help them invest, and save money at the same time. PosiGen is, therefore, the solar power company that intends to brighten the future for all, low-, moderate-, and high-income earning communities.


PosiGen solar power company is driven by certain objectives to realize the dream of wholesome solar power availability. Firstly, it targets on impacting positively on all the communities by helping them save a lot of money, and make their homes a better place to live in. The company is also rendering job opportunities even to the clients. PosiGen believes in diversity, and working with the people the company serves is a robust value. PosiGen’s majority of employees are blacks and women. PosiGen anchors growth and development in the impoverished communities, thereby impacting massive changes to the communities by satisfying their power needs. 


PosiGen also stimulates economic growth because once the clients save, they channel the money to other sectors, thus pulling together. PosiGen is also altering the environment for the better because solar power is readily and naturally available, therefore, customers can spend on technology. This results in better environmental results, and customers can arrive home safely and even clean the living spaces thanks to PosiGen (Prnewswire). 


After the devastating Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans wanted to rebuild. The citizens desired better homes that were more affordable and efficient. There emerged about 16 programs to make the rebuild more robust, but they only sorted the wealthy residents. The medium and low-income-earning communities could not afford the upgrades, and so had to abandon them. PosiGen’s initiators identified this opportunity and thought of solving the situation. PosiGen was targeting the disadvantaged individuals to ensure they re-established the homes and their lives. They decided to avail solar energy to these communities by availing home upgrades at manageable fees.