The new worldwide pandemic has had adverse effects on countries and people. It has caused many people to lose their source of income and rendered many families unable to fend for their daily needs. The developing countries have been adversely affected as they cannot sustain the needs of their countries.

One country caught the world’s attention when it was hit badly with the second wave of the virus, India. As bad as the infection rates, the situation in the country was high, yet the medical personnel, hospitals, and drugs were far below what they could be able to handle. The situation brought together various wealthy individuals and organizations who tried to ease the burden of the government by providing aid in terms of food, medication, and medical staff.

During this period, an American businessman coupling up as philanthropist and investor has done some works that bring hope that humanity is not dead. Vinod Gupta, an entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree, two Masters and three Ph.D.’s, is currently a general partner at Everest Capital Partners, Inc. since 2008.

An article entitled “Obligation Meets Opportunity: Vinod Gupta’s Philosophy on Philanthropy”, Gupta talks about how Gupta’s philosophy is simple and echoes core principles seen in effective altruism. His passion for access to education is both personal and professional.

Vinod Gupta has given donations worth more than fifty million dollars to support his home country India. His philosophy is ‘He came with nothing. He will leave with nothing, so the best he can do is share what he has with those who are less privileged.

With the 2020 pandemic, Gupta has collaborated with his fellow alumni from IIT Kharagpur, a leading university in India, to support the temporary workers around the institution who depended on the campus for their lively hood. In the past year, over half lakh people have benefited from the outreach campaign.Refer to this article to learn more.

Vinod Gupta is a clear example of how to be grateful to those who helped you on your way up.


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