Peter Briger is a successful businessman throughout his career life of finance and investment. Peter managed to build his excellent reputation as an able leader as well as a devoted professional. Among the achievements of Mr. Briger, he worked for 15 years at Goldman, Sachs, and Co., in this company he served as a Partner in 1996. At the time Peter was working at Goldman Sachs he managed to serve in many different committees that included the Japan Executive Committee, Global Control, and Compliance Committee, and Asian Management Committee. Still, in Goldman Sachs Peter Briger was lucky enough to hold several leadership roles where he served as one of the heads of teams like the Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC, Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business, Fixed Income Principal Investment Group, the Asian Distressed Debt Business and more

Currently, Briger serves as one of the Chairs of Fortress Investment Group LLC’s Board of Directors as well as the company’s Principal. The Fortress Investment company is a company that deals with investment management and its location is New York City. Peter has been serving at Fortress Investment Group as a Management Committee member since the years that he joined the firm. In 2002, it’s the year that Peter joined Fortress Investment firm, and he has contributed a lot to the growth and development of the firm. Nowadays Peter Briger works as the overseer of the Fortress Credit business. The Fortress Credit business team has over 300 members, and its focus is on the undervalued assets as well as the troubled and illiquid credit investment.

Apart from the work that Peter Briger does with the Fortress Investment Group, he serves on the Board of Directors of his former school known as Princeton University Investment Company. At Princeton University Peter helped in coming up with a program for aiding the young entrepreneurs. As well, Peter Briger has helped Central Park Conservancy and many other organizations. Peter is a learned person who has a bachelor’s degree of Arts that he obtained from Princeton University. Also, Briger has a Master of Business Administration that he got from the University of Pennsylvania.