Women are rising to take up various positions of leadership. Unlike in the past, the topmost positions of companies that were traditionally known to be for their male counterparts. Women are claiming their positions and are doing exemplary good at their jobs. One such phenomenal woman is Frances F. Townsend. She has served previously under different sectors. Having worked for Forbes for a decade, her previous deployment brought her experience to the company. She has performed under other boards for various organizations.

Frances Townsend has served as Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs at Activision Blizzard for close to one year. The company is involved in interactive gaming and has produced some of the finest

games played by gamers all over the world. She has a long history is serving with the former administration. Her job description involved working closely with the homeland security team. Her job entailed counter-terrorism and ensuring security was top-notch. In this role, she has served for four years. Additionally, she worked for a law firm with her partner at a law firm. Frances Townsend is a lawyer by profession; thus, her extensive knowledge in matters concerning the law.

Onboarding the gaming company Activision Blizzard, she combines many skills. One of her special skills is intelligence security matters, domestic and international affairs, among other skills. She has worked for bigwig corporations throughout her life, making her one of the most demanded personalities in the corporate sector.

Her hard work and determination are unmatched. She is an admirable figure. She brings her ideas into the company, working with other executives to further the gaming industry. Frances Townsend inspires young women aspiring to take up position roles in different companies. She continues to serve her role at Activision Blizzard diligently.

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