Haroldo Jacobovicz has established an incredible technology career that benefits millions of people in Brazil and other parts of the world. Jacobovicz serves as the founder and the president of multiple technology companies, including the Horizons Telecoms, which is dominant in Brazil. Haroldo is the Chief Executive Officer of the Horizons Datacenter and the e-Governe Group. All these are transformation technology firms located in Brazil.

Since when he was young, he always watched the potential that technology has on entrepreneurship activities across a wide range of industries. Upon completing school in the year 1982, Jacobovicz organized his college friends and established a technology startup known as Microsystem. The company was mainly meant to develop technology-based solutions to help businesses run their activities smoothly.

This company did not work for long since many businesses during that time were not ready to adopt the use of technology. However, Haroldo Jacobovicz took it positively and believed that the businesses would require the technology innovation in the future. On the flip side, it was also a life lesson that Jacobovicz, together with his team members, learned. After the downfall of the Microsystem, Jacobovicz got an opportunity to work with Esso.

This is an American technology startup that had some of its activities in Brazil. Haroldo Jacobovicz got an excellent opportunity to showcase his technology expertise. He was promoted through different ranks in the company earning him knowledge in management activities. He also got his way to the limelight since he got an opportunity to work with developed technology companies from different parts of the world.

After a successful period of working in different companies across different industries, Jacobovicz established the Horizons Telecom with its head offices in Brazil. The company developed technology solutions for businesses across the country. Currently, the company is the largest supplier of Wi-Fi connectivity and internet across Brazil under the leadership of Haroldo Jacobovicz.

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