Pamela Baer is well-known and very active philanthropist she prides herself in helping others and being heavily active in her community. She does not help in one or two areas of her community she has a desire to help in multiple different areas doing as much good as she can. Pamela Baer has a huge passion when it comes to the public healthcare system.

However, she is particularly passionate about the mental and behavioral health needs of the community. She has been thankful for her position as the Lifetime Director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. Due to Pam Baer’s work and connections there it has allowed her to play a key part in campaigns, events, and strategy work that has allowed in the assistance of funding solutions to help those who need it most which is the communities most vulnerable.

The pandemic that we are all living through has brought to light how bad these issues were and unfortunately, they were much worse than we could have imagined. The positive to this is that now we know about it we can do something to make it better. Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital also has a huge desire and mission to help the less fortunate with their health needs. See related link to learn more.

Pam Baer sees how much of a safety net they are to so many in need and is proud to continue having a determination for the foundation and its work. Some of the work they are doing includes helping those experiencing poverty, homelessness, and a lack of insurance. They also focus on helping recent immigrants as well as helping in the local communities of color. The pandemic has shined a light on how much health services are restricted to those with low income and not a lot of resources.


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