In publishing, having a set time and a target date for publishing the book is something that separates successful authors and those who are currently joining the industry. Every successful author must have a schedule that they will be using to handle most of the issues that will be guiding them on their work. Without a schedule, it is essential to indicate that the whole task will not work as expected, and there is a high chance that some authors might not publish their works.

Author Solutions has been doing everything to work with a number of authors who are interested in publishing their works. However, what the organization has noticed is that a huge number of authors visiting its premises do not have an actual plan of how they will be handling most of their publishing works. This means that they do not have a schedule for their work.

As an experienced organization that has been working in the publishing industry for a number of years, the lack of author schedules seems to be one of the significant challenges that most amateur authors have been demonstrating. It is a grave mistake that has already led to a situation where some authors work for the same book for more than one year because they do not have the calendar, they are following that is detailing different events.

That is why Author Solutions has introduced a support system that involves making sure that every other author that is working with the organization has the calendar that they need to handle most of the issues in the market. Having the best operational schedule has been very important in making sure that an organization already knows what it needs to handle most of the publishing issues that every other author needs to understand so that they can publish their book on time.

Author Solutions is unique in how it traces its origin via a timeline. Instead of tracing its start to 1997 when AuthorHouse took shape as 1stBooks, Author Solutions travels back in its story with the invention of the printing press in 1450 by Johannes Gutenberg. It credits the first pioneers of the self-publishing industry to influential writers such as Benjamin Franklin; Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, and Beatrix Potter. Refer to this article for more information.


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