In recent months an increasing amount of sign ups for Zilch has enabled the company to experience rapid growth. As the company continues to expand, it has been able to complete some transactions that will help it thrive in the future. Zilch has recently closed on a deal that will provide new funding for its payment systems. The company has announced that it will launch a first fee free BNPL card. With this card, customers are able to shop online at any retailer who accepts Mastercard. Consumers who have this card will also be able to make payment arrangements where they are never liable for any fees.


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Many people have described Zilch’s new payment system as one that will become the new standard for shopping. With a virtual card that offers 0% interest, consumers will be more eager to purchase items and able to save a considerable amount of money. The card and system now allows shoppers to enjoy purchasing products at leading retailers such as Amazon, Nike, Toman and Adidas. Today, customers are able to pay only one quarter of product prices at first and then pay off the remaining balance within six weeks. Consumers who use the system will also be able to shop securely as the cards provide them with all of the security features of credit and debit cards. This new system will be available for in store shopping as well. By offering a buy now pay later system, Zilch will help many consumers shop at more affordable terms. This will help boost retail sales as well as help the company continue expanding its customer base.

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