Alejandro Betancourt was born in the year 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela. This company major in engineering, procurement, and construction. Aside from being the Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation director, Alejandro Betancourt is ranked top in natural gas and crude oil production and exploration. This man’s profession has also expanded since he has concentrated on supporting and investing in new technology. Even though his career started in a traditional energy source sector, he cherished the force of tech-driven change. By embracing the competence of innovation, Alejandro Betancourt has developed ways to expand development in the economy. He studied Economics and Business Administration at Suffolk University.

He is the biggest shareholder and investor of Jobandtalent, which was founded in Spain. This online staffing agency incorporates job seekers and employers by using a data matching method, which is advanced. During this pandemic, it has also been helpful since working was remotely and social distancing was mandatory. O’Hara Administration is techno scientifically in special co-investment deals. O’Hara has built a market across the world after tremendous investment in social media. It also has the biggest share in the fashion sunglass brand, Hawkers. With Alejandro Betancourt as the company’s president, it has gradually grown into an international fashion firm.

Hawkers emerged at the top of the social media site on its establishment, the year 2013. This company makes millions yearly through online sales. Online marketing is a very cheap and efficient way to reach customers. After trying many different products, the establishers of Hawkers settled on sunglasses since it was efficient for social media. Through hard work, forward-looking thinking, and strategies, Alejandro Betancourt expanded the existing market by taking new approaches and joining into new technologies. Betancourt has made ends meet by trying out new things and not focusing so much on the trends. Jobandtalent is more focused on solving the problems of both the employers and the employees.