Dr. Alddo Molinar specializes in Anesthesiology and Osteopathic medicine. With over 16 years of experience, he practices in Youngstown, Ohio, at both the Ohio Valley Medical Center and E. Ohio Regional Hospital. Alddo Molinar’s intense interest in medicine has never left him, not since he was a child growing up in Texas. It was apparent that after seeing his grandparents become ill, that this was the path he would take. After graduating from high school, he began shadowing at a hospital in El Paso, then he continued his education at Trinity University. 


Alddo Molinar


He majored in Biology, earning his bachelor’s degree, and continued his education at the University of Texas SW in Dallas. His residency was completed in Cleveland. His desire to learn led him to seek additional training in Neurological diseases and other related fields. Dr. Alddo Molinar is respected by his peers and his patients as he continues to devote his time to his medical practices. Alddo Molinar arrives in surgery each day by 7 AM to see his patients, focusing on helping them through surgery and recovery. As a Critical Care specialist, Dr. Molinar tends to patients who are in the critical care unit. He sees to their needs as they are stabilized and going through the recovery process.

According to Dr. Alddo Molinar, his day is often referred to as a busy day in an airport. A patient’s surgery is often scheduled a week or more before the procedure, the patient’s doctors are referred to as the airplane’s pilots, the take off and landing of the plane is seen as a very important part of the journey. He thinks of the role of the stewardess, as she or he prepares for the flight, as an operating room’s instruments are sterilized and stocked beforehand. During his interview with IdeaMensch, Dr. Alddo Molinar was asked which trends excited him the most, and he shared his enthusiasm about new technology. He said that asking Alexa a question about a patient during their recovery process amazes him. He thinks that it is wonderful how far medical technology has come throughout the years.