Industry leaders today use risk management systems to protect the employees of their business. John Ritenourthe co-founder of Insurance Office of America and its team provides risk management guidance. IOA helps clients reduce their costs, risks, and claims and increase profits. But what is risk management? And how can your workplace benefit by implementing it?

Risk management can reduce the risk exposure levels of employees. It requires making decisions to reduce the costly impact on business. A risk management professional of a business can work with John Ritenour and his team to get a RiskScore. John Ritenour and his team at IOA will then use the RiskScore to manage and reduce the risks in the business operations.

The RiskScore is the credit score of the business world. The insurance industry developed it as the basis to determine risks. It establishes the strengths of a business in four areas for improvement. IOA uses the final RiskScore of a business to reduce its risks. And chart better solutions for the future management of those risks.

A business’s RiskScore can show the benefits it can gain. They include better results, strengths, best practices, and data to manage risks. IOA uses the results as a basis to work with its clients and provide needed help in the claims process. It works to reduce cost, the frequency of claims, and protect the business. John Ritenour and his team use the RiskScore tool to get results for clients.

John Ritenour understands risk management. And inspires other business owners to use risk management solutions. The IOA team works with the client’s team to get solutions and plans for risks management. They guide businesses in the RiskScore assessment. And help in implementing training for their employees. IOA also makes the claims process smooth for both the business and injured workers.