According to Vik Bansal, Australia is one of the countries in the world today with a huge buying power. Very many people in the country are the actual middle class who have worked their way up the ladder. This means that such individuals have huge amounts of money that they can easily use to take care of some of the expenses that they have been facing in their daily lives. It is very important to indicate that the middle class has a huge buying potential.

However, most of these individuals have been buying goods and services from other countries around the world. Australia has stopped its traditional manufacturing approach. This means that the huge middle class has already been forced to ensure that it is already buying goods and services from other countries in the world. Vik Bansal believes that this is the wrong strategy that needs to be immediately changed by those who are involved in the entire process.

Vik Bansal believes that the country should drastically change and incorporate some of the essential aspects that can help in changing how it has been working. The money the country has been sending into other countries around the world through the products it has been purchasing has not always been the best aspect that it has been using in the market. In this case, the country should have some strategic priorities that should organize its manufacturing sector.

Vik Bansal believes that Australia is not demonstrating its economic potential and skills through the strategies that it has been using in the market for very many years. There is a persistent feeling that the country is one of the richest entities in the world. Therefore, the fact that it has to import some of the basic manufacturing products creates an impression that those in leadership have lost some important battles.

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